A Step Toward Islamic Humanities

Reza Gholami’s speech (19/05/2012)

President of Islamic humanities Congress Supreme Council

A Step Toward Islamic Humanities

In the name of Allah the Compassionate the mercy full

     First of all, I would like to welcome our quests especially who accept our invitation from other countries. I should appreciate Dr. Doostar, director of international department of congress & his assistance Mr. Mirhosseyni for this important session.

This is a warm and friendly session for preparing the high level discussing about humanities in Imam Khomeini institution. Let me start by a brief introduction.

As a first point, I want to ask, why do we have to accept secular humanities that imposed us by the west during the last centuries?

This humanities is not agreement with Islamic would view and our Islamic values. So, it is clear that secular humanities cannot realize Muslim’s beliefs and also cannot understand realities of Islamic human and society deeply and its problems and its appropriate solutions.

Maybe somebody imagine that I want to say secular humanities have the capability to solve the secular society’s problems. But no, I cannot accept this. I can name many western figures include some prominent scientists who are strong critic or opposition of secular humanities and today talk about ineffective secular humanities.

You can see consequences of these humanities clearly. The situation of today human and world is very painful.

Western culture and western life style reduce the distance between human and animal strongly; and it means death of humanness. (Unfortunately)

The capitalism has made sacrifice environment for its extreme greed. Every day western powers start a new bloody war for their more benefits. In the last decade, we have seen the killing of hundred thousand innocent women and child in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. They killed by progressive American and Israeli weapons of mass destruction. Today, play with democracy and human rights, defame western powers. In their opinion, democracy and human rights could be good if only providing their benefits. So, result of democracy was not acceptable in Gaza! Also, human rights are honorable and control by UN if only there are clear benefits for western countries. So, killing and torturing of innocent humans in Bahrain who want democracy, freedom and justice is being censoring by the western Media and also has not controlled by UN and other international organization!

This reality, that more than 60% of human in around the world are poor and part of them starve to death and on the opposite of this, the small part of world population are so rich and they want to remedy their  fatness, is shameful for contemporary human.

Europe and the United states have encountered chaotic situation too during last years.

At last, the people in the west are sobered up and became a little consciousness.

Today, Wall Street movement that we can name it a rebellion against the capitalism and injustice, expands rapidly. Whole of people in Europe and the united states cannot stand rule of 1% over 99% and they are going to change the situation.

Maybe ask me about connection between these points and humanities. I want to say, there is a clear connection between these two subjects, because the secular humanities have supported capitalism and its injustice system during last centuries. It means, secular humanities is being theorizing &systematizing capitalism or it’s being justifying its embarrassing behaviors in around the world. While western thinkers don’t accept this reality that Machiavellianism attends in depth of secular humanities, we can see Machiavellianism in this humanities clearly and this is the natural result of humanism.

Now, we want to say, we don’t need this humanities as a backing of inhumanity. We need humanities that can save human society from this western swamp. We need humanities to build a new human civilization based on justice, peace & ethic.

Up to now, not only secular humanities don’t answer to vital human’s questions about the universe, the human and the destiny of the human, but this humanities is being attempting to wipe out the questions or problems. In my view, secular humanities keep human as a playful child who doesn’t have any vital question about reality of life and doesn’t have any motivation to find the basal answer.

In the opposite, we need humanities that take out human from childhood period and to mean life and afterlife.

In our opinion, the Islamic humanities is a lost of contemporary human for rescuing from the hell that has been built by the west. In the other word, Islamic studies can answer to all the vital questions that the human need their answers. Of course other religions cannot build especial humanities; but I prefer to talk about difference between Islam & other religions in the next time.

Yes, we want to have Islamic humanities but I don’t want to say that the secular humanities doesn’t have any advantages. No, it is clear that Islamic humanities respect for science and good experiences of human and use them, but based on Islamic world view.

This congress that I think it is a unique scientific event during last three decades, wants to achieve Islamic humanities. Of course, it’s clear that we are not on zero situations.

In the last decades, many of Muslim thinker particularly Iranian scholars are being theorizing about Islamic humanities. For example, today, we benefit from Islamic economy that the successful Islamic banks in around the world are one of the results of that progressive knowledge.

Meanwhile, we passed from generalization and we are going to talk about scientific road map of complete Islamic humanities.

In our thought, the most important steps for achieving to Islamic humanities, is to invest in thousands research especially theorizing into this field based on a road map or scientific puzzle. Among research projects, working on philosophy of Islamic humanities is a first priority definitely. I have a brief explanation about philosophy of Islamic humanities, but I prefer to talk about it the end of the session.

At the present time, I think we should discuss about some important issues:

  • First, Essence & bases of the Islamic humanities,
  • Second, accepted methodologies in Islamic humanities,
  • Third, the relationship of Islamic humanities and sciences,
  • Fourth, planning the logical structure of Islamic humanities,
  • Fifth, the requirements for achieving complete Islamic humanities,
  • Sixth, the process for achieving complete Islamic humanities,
  • Seventh, the valuable scientific wealth and experiences about Islamic humanities in Islamic world,
  • And eighth, the methods for raising the proficiency of Islamic humanities,

Thank you for your attention. I would like to ask Dr. Doostat to accept the management of this session according to program.

Thank you again.