Resume of

Hujjat Al-islam Dr. Reza Gholami

Researcher and professor in political philosophy and cultural studies

Reza Gholami[1] (was born in1976) is a founder and head of the research center of humanities and Islamic studies of the “Sadra [2]”. He is also a director and member of humanities Journal and Islamic studies of Sadra. Reza Gholami has been known as a lecturer and researcher in political philosophy and cultural studies in Iran.

Early life:
He was born in 1976 in Tehran. Then studied Islamic courses in Hawzain Tehran and Kashan. He holds Ph.D. in Political Sciences from Institute for humanities and Culture Studies(IHCS). Except tens scientific lecture at universities and cultural centers, and many interview in public magazines or scientific journals, has published numerous books and articles by him. In addition to the academic position, he is a famous Shiite cleric also.

Activities and works:

* Research support assistant in Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thought(IICT) [3].

* CEO of institute of Science and Contemporary Thought

* Scientific secretary of Occidentalism group

* Supervisor of the research centre of culture and social studies

* Head of the education centre in IICT

* Director and chief clerk of “Zamaneh” journal

* Director of the research and information inrepresentative office ofHajj and pilgrimage affairs

* Secretary of Chairs and Forums for Theorization, Critique, Innovation and Debate

* Chairman of the Policy Council for the International Congress in Islamic Humanities

* Founder and head of the research center of humanities and Islamic studies of Sadra

Academic activities:

Dr Reza Gholami started teaching “Islamic Revolution” course in the university of Tehran since 2015. also, he has teached “strategic cultural management” at Supreme National Defense University as a Visiting professor.


* A review at the life of the Ali (AS)and familiarity with the Nahj al-Balagha

* Religion and the modern world

* Movement of thescience and theorizing

* Manifest of clergy

* National research of Iran and globalization (team work)

* Islam and globalization; explore the possibility of Islamic globalisation in 21st century

* Forty features of a young revolutionist Muslim

* Fundamental thought on the subject of Islam and progress


* Role of human needs and expectation in religion studies

* Wisdom and Faithmutual relationship investigation

* Faith and Islam

* Faith and Ethic mutual investigation from the professor MortezaMotahharipoint of view

* A new approach to the relationship between religion and democracy

* Management and production of science

* Cultural management of strategic

* A review at the Risalah of Mohammad TaqiJafari

* A review at the “bonyanMarsous” book

* Meaning and basis of the new Islamic civilization

* Meaning, basis and history of classification of the science in theIslamic civilization and how to achieve to classification of politics science in the new Islamic civilization

* Review the five approaches to face with science and technology.

* Iindecision in dilemma of Islam and the West in thought progress

* Duality in the development though in Qajar dynasty